Online dating danmark Middelfart

Online dating danmark Middelfart
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Check the bus times out at car: Use exit 58 just off the New Lillebaelt Bridge. At the first roundabout, turn right at “Skovsvinget”.

Then you arrive just by parking -and start/finishing area.

You must run in accordance to traffic-rules and any instructions from officials must be respected.

There will be changing possibilities in the sportshall at Strib Sports Boarding School, 400 meters from start/finishing area. Follow the signs from the start/finishing area to the Sportshall. By train: Arrival by train to Middelfart Station: There are about 3 km from the station to start/finishing area.

It is possible to go by city-bus 401/402 from Middelfart Station at am and be at the starting-area at am.

Participants must wear the official startnumber for “Strandvejsløbet”.

It is not allowed to have personal bike-support on the route; this may result in disqualification.

The winner of the race will be found as – the first runner to finish.